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In this section you will see a short animated video of how a Guardian roof is installed from start to finish. We have also included in this section an installation carried out by Amazing Glazing on site Warts N all

Guardian installation video

All our roofs have the option of external Metro tiles in Black, Brown or Red. There is also the option of Tapco tiles which is Slate Grey. All options can be seen in our showroom.  

Amazing Glazing installation, Warts n All

Supa Lite Roof

Supa Lite roofs are an option that we have when installing replacement roofs, there is no difference in appearance internally, externally the roof can be fitted with Metro tile or Tapco tiles, the difference is in the construction and where a large roof is required it gives us the option of reducing the overall weight of the roof without compromising the overall strength, appearance and performance of the roof.

This is an unusual Supa Lite roof replacement as it is below ground level.

Just a few of our many recent installations.

Planning permission.

Although planning permission is not required for replacement roofs our customers will be advised about building regulations which are now required, we can take care of this to ensure the replacement of your roof is carried out professionally and legally. We use a government approved JHAI company. This is particularly important when the doors into the existing conservatory are to be removed or are already open plan.  

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